Pizza Delivery Pt 1

I was working as a pizza delivery girl for a local pizza parlour and There was a problem with the pizza oven so on my first delivery I took the pizza out un-cooked in the hope I could use the customers oven to cook it, the boss told me to make the customer happier whatever it took.

After putting the pizza in the oven we had some time to kill and as the customer was a really nice guy we went into his bedroom to have some fun, he soon had me stripped off and was sucking my nipples after which he took of his clothes and I was soon sucking on his stiff cock.

He had such a lovely stiff cock and I made it really hard but it was my turn next so he wasted no time in getting between my legs and sucking hard on my juicy pussy and finger fucking me before climbing on top of me and sliding his big thick cock deep inside me.

Trisha xxx

published: 10/06/2017

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